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Debian Packages and lists.launchpad.net in maintainer field


I noticed that some bug reports from bugs.debian.org were not getting
sent to the epoptes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx list when reported against the
Debian packages.  I confirmed with the bugs.debian.org maintainers that
the messages were sent successfully from their end, but but it appears
that launchpad lists silently discard messages from email addresses
without an associated launchpad account.

I searched for other packages in presumably the same situation:


I've included the relevent teams in "To" on this mail, and all marked
Uploaders in "Cc".

Apparently, this is a violation of Debian policy:

  3.3. The maintainer of a package
  The maintainer must be specified in the `Maintainer' control field
  with their correct name and a working email address.  The email
  address given in the `Maintainer' control field must accept mail
  from those role accounts in Debian used to send automated mails
  regarding the package.  This includes non-spam mail from the
  bug-tracking system, all mail from the Debian archive maintenance
  software, and other role accounts or automated processes that are
  commonly agreed on by the project

I haven't been able to figure out a way to configure launchpad lists to
comply with debian policy, but maybe there is some well-hidden way I
haven't been able to figure out.

Maybe we can convince the launchpad team to add some set of exceptions
for teams wanting use a launchpad list for Debian packages?

live well,

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