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Re: [Question #273563]: teacher with restricted rights


Question #273563 on Epoptes changed:

Alkis Georgopoulos proposed the following answer:
Hi, I've written a page about bounties in

For the implementation of the requested feature, I propose the following
parts. You can select if you want to sponsor one, two or all parts.

First part (one hour for development):
A setting in /etc/default/epoptes that can hide the autodetected computers group, unless the teacher is also a sudoer.

Second part (two hours for development):
Currently, the epoptes groups are saved in  ~/.config/epoptes/groups.json. You can open that file with an editor and see its contents.
The sysadmin is supposed to create similar files in /etc/epoptes/<filename>.groups.
Now suppose I'm a teacher and I open the Epoptes GUI application. And let's say that my username is "alkisg", and I belong in the group "high_school_teachers".

Epoptes will try to open those files in turn:
1) /etc/epoptes/alkisg.groups
2) /etc/epoptes/high_school_teachers.groups
3) /home/alkisg/.config/epoptes/groups.json

So if it finds an "alkisg.groups" or a "high_school_teachers.groups" file, it will only show those groups for me, and disable the autodetected computers group.
It will also disable parsing of "groups.json", so that the teacher won't be able to manually create more groups.

Third part (two hours for development):
A page under epoptes.org/documentation that would document the aforementioned features.

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