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Re: [Question #284584]: First-time Epoptes User (How do I set this thing up?)


Question #284584 on Epoptes changed:

Sudhanshu posted a new comment:
This will be different if you are using LTSP Server and clients

In each client login to terminal and check the following
1.  In your client machine go to terminal
nano /etc/hosts 
(this must show your local server IP) 
2. nano /etc/default/epoptes-client 
(make sure you replace server = local ip (198.x.xx.xx) 
epoptes-client -c    (certificate must generate local success)
epoptoes-client  (this must connect to server) 

Check your server screen to see if Epoptes client are showing now
(if yes, job is not yet done) 

3. ping to LTSP server 
4. Goto to LTSP Server with client user login and do 
 nano /etc/default/epoptes-client 
(make sure you replace server = local ip (198.x.xx.xx) 
Logout from server client user login

5.  Then create LTSP image again by passing 
ltsp image /
ltsp ipxe
ltsp nfs
ltsp initrd
init 6	(this will reboot) 

This should solve and start auto-detect EPOPTES on local network

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