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Re: [Bug 398766] Re: Screen does not update/refresh in client.


Could you provide the settings the proprietary NXServer uses to execute the
I need the command line and the $HOME/.nx/C-$NXSESSIONID/session file.
$NXSESSIONID should be host-display-session_id.

I don't have time to set the test environment right now.

Screen does not update/refresh in client.
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Status in FreeNX open source NX Server: New

Bug description:
I guess this is a duplicate of the bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/353126
Mouse and keyboard action in the client (clicking menue, moving windows etc. are registered on the server. However, the client shows a static image of the server, and does not refresh/update. Switching to/from fullscreen will update the image, but apart from that it's completely static. Makes it unusble.

The reason I report it here even when it's probably not a freenx bug, but an X-org one, is that nomachines nx server is reported not to suffer from this. I therefore hope it is possible for you to work around it.

This is just a problem when compiz is enabled, and when connecting to a shadow session. Running "metacity --replace &" first allows operation as usual.

System is Ubuntu 9.04 btw.