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[Fuel][RabbitMQ] nova-compute stuck for a while (AMQP)


Hello, fuelers.

I'm using Fuel 4.1A + Havana in HA mode.

I permanently observe (on other deployments also) issue with stuck
"nova-compute" service. But i think problem is more fundamental and relates
to HA RabbitMQ and OpenStack AMQP driver implementation.


   - Random nova-compute from time to time marked as "XXX" for a while.
   - I see that service itself works properly. In logs i see that it sends
   status updates to conductor. But actually nothing is sent.
   - "netstat" shows that all connections to/from rabbit "ESTABLISHED"
   - rabbitmqctl shows that "compute.node-x" queue synced to all slaves.
   - nothing has been broken before, i mean rabbitmq cluster, etc.

Axe style solution:

   - /etc/init.d/openstack-nova-compute restart

So here i've found a lot of interesting stuff (and solutions):


My questions are:

   - Are there any thoughts particular for Fuel to solve/workaround this
   - Any fast solution for this in 4.1? Like adjust TCP keep-alive

Roman Sokolkov,
Deployment Engineer,
Mirantis, Inc.
Skype rsokolkov,

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