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Fwd: EMGD driver


Pals, could you help Kasper with current issue !?


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From: Kasper Dupont <ubuntu-launchpad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 2:27 PM
Subject: EMGD driver
To: Vitaliy Kulikov <slonua@xxxxxxxxx>

I tried to install the emgd driver on Natty as explained on this page:

But the result is that it produces no video output.

The software does seem to think everything is working fine. I can switch
to a text console and run an xclient to let it connect to the X server.
For example I can run "DISPLAY=:0 xdpyinfo" and see which screen
resolution it picked.

I suspect the graphics chip may have two independent outputs and the
driver use the wrong one by default. But I couldn't find any
documentation on how to change that (if that is even where the problem

I also have a problem with the driver not being able to choose the
correct resolution for my monitor, which was the reason I wanted to try
a different driver in the first place.

The standard driver choose 1280x1024, the emgd driver choose 1366x768,
but my monitor need 1680x1050.

Do you have any pointers to documentation that may help me?
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