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Emgd-1.10 installation bug


Hello. I wanted to submit this bug on launchpad, but it seems
impossible to do manually.

Here is a piece of the installation process when running `apt-get
install emgd-support` on Ubuntu 11.10:

Setting up emgd-support-autoconfiguration (0.0.1-0~10~oneiric1) ...
ERROR by IndexError: list index out of range
['quiet', 'splash']
* Adding <acpi_backlight=vendor>
ERROR by IndexError: list index out of range
['quiet', 'splash', 'acpi_backlight=vendor']
* Adding <noplymouth>
* Replacing #GRUB_GFXMODE=640x480 with GRUB_GFXMODE=1920x1080x32
Generating grub.cfg ...

Additionally, I have tested all the drivers (psb_gfx, EMGD-1.8,
EMGD-1.10) on Lubuntu 11.10 and 12.04 this weekend and found that
EMGD-1.10 was the winner on 11.10. Emgd did not work on 12.04, but I
guess this is known. It plays videos great in gmplayer and even 720p
.mkv movies performs satisfactory.

However, even tho emgd-1.8 performs good (325FPS with glxgears on this
hardware) it does not work in XBMC due to missing API support. XBMC
gave following error:
 ERROR: VAAPI - failed executing
vaQueryDisplayAttributes(m_display->get(), display_attrs.get(),
&num_display_attrs) at line 311 with error 14:the requested function
is not implemented

Will this be API support be implemented?

This was run on a fit-pc2 if it should matter

Best regards