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EMGD 1.14 working on Precise


Most of the stuff seems to be working:
- kde compositing (desktop effects)
- mplayer uses vaapi to play 1080p videos
- on my 1920x1080 TV screen

I am on a FitPC connected to a TV so I didn't check backlight related

This is what I did:
get the emgd1.14 driver from Jools Wills ppa.
add maverick repositories
pinned xorg stuff
made a simlink so kwin starts kwin_gl

Actually Jools made it very easy by providing his apt .list files and
apt preferences pin file (originally for the Joggler). 
Just copy those in, and apt-get upgrade

See http://joggler.exotica.org.uk/source/overlay-2012-06-14.tar.gz (this
a small download with config files etc.)

Actually I got it working with less hassles then the 'works out of the
box' but-only-after-you-upgrade-the-kernel psb_gfx driver.