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Bug#537300: shiki-wise-theme: broken selection


2009/7/17 Victor <perfectska04@xxxxxxxxx>:
> tag 537300 = wontfix
> thanks
> I took a look at the screenshots, I think you're referring to the
> selected background color in general. That can be changed in Appearance
> Preferences to any shade - In this case, the selected background color
> for all Shiki themes is always the LightBaseColor for all the
> gnome-colors icons. The wise variant is particularly tricky, as that is
> the darkest and dullest shade of green I could use as LightBaseColor for
> the icons, that would also look good with the colored widgets of Shiki.
> I find the green/white combination perfectly readable in my 1680x1050
> 15in. laptop display with small 8pt fonts, as the lightness value is at
> least lower than Clearlooks's stock blue. However, if necessary - an
> exception can be made. A slightly darker shade of green might still
> retain consistency with the icons, although if you find the current
> shade unreadable, a slightly darker shade may not help. I would suggest
> to simply set the "Selected Items' text color" to black in Appearance
> Preferences in this case. The theme fully supports this setting, and it
> wouldn't create any inconsistencies.
Unfortunately, gtk-theme-switch2 does not offer this option. Since the
theme is supposed part of a gnome theme this might not be that much of
a problem.

However, a theme should work out of the box. If it requires tweaking I
can as well start from scratch an not use a packaged theme at all.

Note that the selection colour is #DA3F3F for wine which gives average
brightness about 114 and the dominant colour is red. In wise the
colour is #A7CC57 which gives brightness about 154 with dominant
colour green. Green is the colour which is most easily recognized by
the eye and the contrast in this colour (against the white text) is
quite low here hence the readability sucks.

I can certainly live with not using the theme so feel free to leave it
broken if you cannot think of a way that makes the selection readable
and fits your aesthetics or other restrictions imposed by parts of the
theme used elsewhere.



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