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[Bug 527267] Re: Application Indicators too wide


I hate to not be on the "this is a theme bug, fix it" bandwagon that
everyone else is, but this isn't a theme bug, it's a bug in indicator-
applet for overloading the gtkrc panel definitions.  I've mangled my
human theme to turn off all panel padding, which brings the indicator
icons closer to each other, but it doesn't actually fix the bug (there's
still more padding in indicator-applet than anywhere else on the panel)
and has the nasty side-effect of, duh, removing all padding on the rest
of the panel.

So, my clock is now shoved against the right of my screen, other panel
applets and icons have zero padding between them, but the indicator-
applet icons are still slightly excessively padded (though less so than
before the change).

This really needs fixing in the code itself.  indicator-applet, like the
old skool notification area, shouldn't be using gtkrc panel padding and
overloading its meaning while, seemingly, adding even more padding of
its own.  If we want our icons nearly touching (mobile devices, tiny
screens?), we should be allowed that.

Notification Area may have offended some people due to the hideously
non-standard ways in which it was used and abused, but the way it
rendered icons (shove 'em in, side-by-side, let icon pack designers
worry about making sure they don't space stupidly) seemed.  Well.

Application Indicators too wide
You received this bug notification because you are a member of GNOME-
Colors Packagers, which is the registrant for Shiki-Colors Packaging.

Status in Application Indicators: Invalid
Status in Debian Packaging for the Shiki-Colors GTK+/Metacity Themes: Unknown
Status in “light-themes” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released
Status in “shiki-colors-murrine” package in Ubuntu: Incomplete

Bug description:
the Application Indicators applet is wider than the regular systray.

3 Indicators icons are slightly bigger than 4 tray icons, incl. the left part.
See the screenshot. The two highlighted boxes are ~100 pixels wide.

With more applications moving to the app indicator, it will result in less usable space in the panel, which in my case is already pretty full.