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[Bug 527267] Re: Application Indicators too wide


It would seem that the only way to solve this issue is to basically
write a completely new widget for the indicator applet instead of re-
using the menu widget.  I realize this is less than ideal and is no
quick fix, but in light of how big an issue this has become, I think it
would be worth it.  An icon menu really is quite a different than than a
textual menu, and so it makes sense to have a different amount of
spacing between the two.  I do not believe this would cause any
confusion among users nor a loss of consistency with other menus.

Application Indicators too wide
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Colors Packagers, which is the registrant for Shiki-Colors Packaging.

Status in Application Indicators: Opinion
Status in The Linux Mint Distribution: Triaged
Status in Debian Packaging for the Shiki-Colors GTK+/Metacity Themes: Unknown
Status in “light-themes” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released
Status in “shiki-colors-murrine” package in Ubuntu: Incomplete

Bug description:
the Application Indicators applet is wider than the regular systray.

3 Indicators icons are slightly bigger than 4 tray icons, incl. the left part.
See the screenshot. The two highlighted boxes are ~100 pixels wide.

With more applications moving to the app indicator, it will result in less usable space in the panel, which in my case is already pretty full.