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[Bug 527267] Re: Application Indicators too wide


It is not a Theme Issue, for the sake of heaven!
Themes had it's own standards BEFORE you started to use this applet, now you are telling they that they have to rewrite the whole themes with all the side effects of that, that is spacing between menus and other theme sections, just cause you are tooooo lazy to fix your own code and adapt to an ALREADY EXISTING design pattern?
At least give us a place to select by ourselves how to space those things, people, we users of netbooks can't just survive seeing how when you add icons your menus or clock or other elements dissapear just cause one applet is tooooo wide... you can't also expect for us to tweak the whole interface with too many effects aside, like misplacing menu entries and other items just to fix an issue in one AND JUST ONE item in our screens...

sorry for being mad, but i think if you do something new you will be
mature enough to accept the responsibility of doing things well for

and this is not mac... so i think it is not a high priority to look like
mac if the community users are not pleasan with it

also it is a usability issue... i can't access the help icon or the
clock due to this error, so priority is higher than  low...

Application Indicators too wide
You received this bug notification because you are a member of GNOME-
Colors Packagers, which is the registrant for Shiki-Colors Packaging.

Status in Application Indicators: Opinion
Status in The Linux Mint Distribution: Triaged
Status in Debian Packaging for the Shiki-Colors GTK+/Metacity Themes: Unknown
Status in “light-themes” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released
Status in “shiki-colors-murrine” package in Ubuntu: Incomplete

Bug description:
the Application Indicators applet is wider than the regular systray.

3 Indicators icons are slightly bigger than 4 tray icons, incl. the left part.
See the screenshot. The two highlighted boxes are ~100 pixels wide.

With more applications moving to the app indicator, it will result in less usable space in the panel, which in my case is already pretty full.