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[Bug 377140] Re: Prettify the journal view


I've just checked out the new changes on journal UI, and i have a question:
If the groups are made by file type, are the filters necessary?

I think gzg should group by file which item'd be the file and the time
the user opened it. That gives a clearer view of the files the user used
that day.

I made a draw of the idea in case you didn't understand me :P

The other changes on the UI are great, i loved the new organization of
searching by tag, filter and using the calendar

** Attachment added: "GZG item group mockup"

Prettify the journal view
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Status in GNOME Zeitgeist: New

Bug description:
If grouping is enabled, then "you don't see anything" as the groups start closed by default.  But when you open them, the view is quite cluttered.  Here are some comments about that:

* You can remove the treelines and just let GtkTreeView indent as appropriate.

* You can display "Firefox History (42 items)" instead of "Firefox History" to make it obvious that there is data in there.

* You can color-code each group (red for all Firefox items, green for all documents, etc.).  Then it's obvious which items belong together.

* In each item, the icons and text need to be vertically aligned at the top.  Just set the cell renderer's yalign property to 0.0, I think.

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