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[Bug 364076] Re: Remote storage of the DB


Optional MySQL/PostgreSQL support is also interesting to see how much
SQLite sucks :P.

Remote storage of the DB
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Bug description:
This is a rather large piece of functionality, but I think it would be quite useful.

Users are not always working on just one computer, and to keep up with their work flow, we need to find a way to support that.
To solve this, there should be a way of *really securely* uploading their logs. (The secure part CANNOT fail!), in order to keep their work synchronized.

This can be achieved with pieces of information that is afloat, but not that easily with stationary documents. However, we can try to fill in as many of the pieces as we can:
- Web history is in the DB, that's easy.
- Mail history is maybe accessible, if the user uses IMap or similar
- Notes can be accessed by the use of Conduit, if I'm not mistaken (other things too)
- Chat history is logged, but separately in e.g. the Pidgin log. The logs should not be duplicated (that is unwanted, both because it adds storage, and, more importantly, it makes it more difficult to cover your tracks, so to speak. (I.e. deleting your logs)
- Videos, music, documents, etc. is usually not accessible, but could be, if we add in optional support for Dropbox (proprietary alert).
-- Files that are not accessible could then be greyed out, to let the user see it, although they can't use it.
-- The user is asked to use Dropbox for their most important work, that they need to have with them at all times