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[Bug 364936] Re: Metabug: clean up tagging


It's mainly about the UI, but I guess it should be split into several
bugs for the particular issues.

By the way, the engine is now being handled as
https://launchpad.net/zeitgeist (well, the transition is still in
process, may take one or two weeks to complete as I have exams right

Metabug: clean up tagging
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Status in GNOME Zeitgeist: In Progress
Status in GNOME Zeitgeist Series: trunk: In Progress

Bug description:
get rid of the tags column in the data table
use the tags to table to fetch the tags

forward tags as an array and operate over an array to improve the filtering etc
no need for whitespaces!

+ Add drag&drop to remove tags
+ Make edit tags from right click more self explanatory 

+ Explain that comma means separator

+ The input field is too small vertically
+ The tag buttons are not clearly buttons unless you hover them
+ The tag buttons are too big vertically

+ Export the Tagging UI outside Data class