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[Bug 364059] Re: Show URLs by domain


The GNOME Zeitgeist project for creating a GUI is now called GNOME
Activity Journal, and yesterday we released the first version of it,
which you can find in our PPA

The new GNOME Activity Journal doesn't currently expose websites, so I
am closing this.

** Changed in: gnome-zeitgeist/trunk
       Status: In Progress => Invalid

Show URLs by domain
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Zeitgeist Team, which is subscribed to GNOME Zeitgeist.

Status in GNOME Zeitgeist: Invalid
Status in GNOME Zeitgeist trunk series: Invalid

Bug description:
See also Bug #365465

Add a viewing option that would let you sort items by domain, so that a top domain has a drop down list of pages visited within that domain?

The obvious rationale behing this is that this way we can take advantage of the fact that domains are (more or less) sorted already. So, we have:

Launchpad (main entry)
->Gnome Zeitgeist Project Page (sub entry)
--> Bugs in Gnome Zeitgeist (sub sub entry)
--> Translations for Gnome Zeitgeist (sub sub entry)
-> Universal Applets Project Page (sub entry)
--> Bugs in Universal Applets (sub sub entry)
--> Translations for Universal Applets (sub sub entry)

Having "arrows" that allow you to roll down or up, from all the different entries, will make for a cleaner interface, also saving screen real estate.

Make it an option, because it might not be functional on all domains.

To make it more functional for screwed up domains, have a look at this:
Use case: Youtube

The URLS are like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5W58LoiSEQ&feature=channel
If there are more than one entry like that, make http://www.youtube.com/ the main entry, and list all the URLs as sub entries of that.