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[Bug 680653] Re: Pinning feature is broken


** Branch unlinked: lp:~cando/gnome-activity-journal/fix-pinning

Pinning feature is broken
You received this bug notification because you are a member of GNOME
Zeitgeist Team, which is the registrant for GNOME Activity Journal.

Status in GNOME Activity Journal: In Progress

Bug description:
When i try to pin an item i get this error/warning and the item isn't pinned:

/home/cando/Scrivania/gnome-activity-journal/src/common.py:752: DeprecationWarning: object.__new__() takes no parameters
  GIO_FILES[subj] = object.__new__(classtype, *args, **kwargs)
/home/cando/Scrivania/gnome-activity-journal/src/activity_widgets.py:279: GtkWarning: gtk_box_pack: assertion `child->parent == NULL' failed