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[Bug 685828] Re: Enhance applications usage logging.


Synapse done, thanks :)

This is a note for g-a-j devs. Are you interested or plan to create a
"Used applications" (or similar) section in g-a-j? It would give both
synapse and g-a-j a more rounded up experience, and it makes sense that
zeitgeist logs launched apps in a organized way.

Creating an entry for apps would give an organized way to log launched
applications, so other launchers can make use of zeitgeist for relevancy
entries, storing all under the same section regardless of the launcher.
This is even useful to detect less used applications.

The last advantage is.... I really love g-a-j interface, and it hurts to
see an "unknown" section with all my recently launched apps :)

I read software-center will display recommendations based on app usage.
I guess it will log them. If there is work on that, can synapse (and
others) make use of it? Beware, I am a non-programmer, so my ideas may
totally miss the point or seem ridiculous :)

Thanks for your awesome work with g-a-j.

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  Enhance applications usage logging.

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Thanks for logging used apps into Zeitgeist! It's one thing I always missed in Zeitgeist.It's a pity it doesn't do it with items launched from gnome-main-menu or others.

Anyway here are some ideas. I assume you already have plans to explore that feature, so I may repeat your ideas.

Also, it would be very nice if those apps appeared under the "Applications" tabs in Synapse. For example, if I launch Syanpse and right away I press "down" under the Internet "tab", I see the last logged webpages. Same could be done for the "Applications" tabs. I also guess that using Zeitgeist to log app usage can be helpful to let Synapse make better choices and remember what we last launched.

Again, I assume you thought of some (or all) of these ideas. Hope at least one is new :)

Thanks for such a nice launcher, it replaced my other choices in 1 minute.

GNOME Activity Journal task:

Apps are logged under "Unknown". It would be nice to log it under "Applications" or "Synapse", the former being better, maybe in the future Zeitgeist could place there Applications used through other way different than Synapse.

Another thing, if I run Activity Journal and press on those logged items, synapse launches, instead of the application.

Currently apps as logged the same way libzg-gio-module logs them: actor is launcher, subject uri is launched app (application://xyz.desktop), interpretation: NFO_SOFTWARE, manifestation: NFO_SOFTWARE_ITEM (event int: ACCESS_EVENT, event man: USER_ACTIVITY).