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[Bug 731592] Re: Add simple privacy controls


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  Add simple privacy controls

Status in GNOME Activity Journal:

Bug description:
  AJ, as Zeitgeist's flagship, reaaaaallly needs a simple way to disable
  the logging (make it set a match-everything blacklist). This will
  cover the use case of "I'm going to do something that shouldn't be

  Another thing we need is "Whoops I forgot to disable the logging at
  this time", therefore we need to allow the user to select a time range
  and delete all events from that time.

  Third, the blacklist plugin in AJ is hard to setup - we should focus
  on a simple use case of "don't log anything from this directory",
  currently the user has to know that the plugin needs a uri-like
  expression ("file:///home/user/dont_log/*"), and this isn't said
  anywhere - "Add folder" button should be added there. (also the plugin
  should be enabled by default, so it's a little bit easier to discover.