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Thoughts on the top left corner? Can it be done better or prettier?


Something has been bugging me about unity ever since the the behaviour
of the window buttons was changed to hide with the global menu.

That thing is the top left corner of the desktop:

<a href='http://postimage.org/image/5m0uf8n5n/' target='_blank'><img
border='0' alt="Screenshot at 2012 03 05 20 24 22" /></a>

With the default setup of launcher always showing and a maximized
window, that top left just looks odd to me.
When the window buttons were visible, the window title and global menu
lined up with the maximized window and everything looked normal.
Since the behaviour was changed it is like that left part of the menu
bar is overhanging the window and no longer looks part of it, if that
makes sense.  It just looks terribly ugly to me.
Although it has no direct affect on usablity, I just find it incredibly
distracting and I just cannot take my eyes away from the area.

I have added a second screenshot which shows the launcher icons at their
smallest size and the window buttons visible.
Again, this looks odd in the way the buttons overhang and make things
look odd again.

<a href='http://postimage.org/image/7oak8h20n/' target='_blank'><img
border='0' alt="Screenshot at 2012 03 05 20 25 40" /></a>

I'm not sure what the alternatives are but I would be interested to hear
other people's thoughts on this?
I cannot help but feel such a visual glitch (for want of a better
phrase) would never be allowed in other major environments (Windows, OS
X, KDE Gnome 3 etc).
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