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locally integrated menus (LIM)


Hello to all,

I have just joined the list because I had a design idea for the
implementation of the locally integrated menus that are supposed to be
introduced at some point. I originally put the idea on brainstorm but it
was marked as 'not an idea' on the basis that unity design is actively
discussed in other places. I guessed this was on such place where my
idea might be more appropriately voiced but if I am wrong please let me
know. Anyway on to the idea...

Basically from the opinions of other Ubuntu users I have read (mostly on
OMGUbuntu) I understand that LIM is not particularly popular in its
current form. The 2 main criticisms I have come across commonly are that
1. having a vertical menu is not convenient and requires re-learning the
arrangement of menu items unnecessarily and
2. implementing LIM would mean an additional click is required to
actually see the menu which is counter-productive

so my idea so solve both of these would be to have an animated reveal of
the menu horizontally in the window title bar when the mouse hovers over
the menu icon. This would keep the menu as close to how it is currently
but also introduce the LIM concept of having the menu attached to the
title bar of an application. This solution also doesnt introduce any new
problems of dragging windows (that I have come across from other ideas)
since the menu only reveals when the mouse passes over the menu icon and
not over the title bar in general.

I'm sure a number of ideas for this have been explored and I apologise
if this particualr idea has also been discussed but it would be
interesting to hear other peoples opinions nonetheless.

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