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A lot of clutter in the Applications Lens


Hello Everyone,

In the Unity applications lens, there are dozens of applications listed
that are also listed in system settings menu. Considering the system-
settings window can be reached by clicking on the upper-right-hand-
corner drop down menu, as well as from the "system settings" application
launcher in the Application lens, is it really necessary to have all of
those same programs listed in the application lens? There are over 20
duplicate and un-needed applications cluttering and getting in the way
of the applications that people 'want' to get to.

Also, in the application lens there are logout, lock screen, restart,
and shut down buttons present. Why is this? Those options are not even
applications....having them in the applications menu makes it seem as if
"shut down" is a program that can be run, rather than an integrated part
of the operating system. Basically, these 4 options have no place in the
application lens, as they are not even applications, as well as already
being listed in the system drop down menu (in the upper right hand

If the end goal is to make unity more user friendly and more organized,
I just listed 27 items that can be removed from the application menu
with, from what I can tell, no adverse consequences.

On a freshly installed system there are over 90 applications listed, and
I have heard from many people that this is an annoyance and a "turn off"

It is my personal opinion that having unnecessary duplication and
redundancy is of no use, and just causes more confusion overall. If we
want people to access "System Settings" to change their global settings,
then we should add all of those same items mingling in the applications
lens. It makes the "System Settings" menu not a vital part of the
distribution, but just a convenience window.

What do you guys think?
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