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Activity Log Manager - Zeitgeist Privacy Manager 0.9.6 released


On behalf of the Zeitgeist Team I am happy to announce Activity Log
Manager 0.9.6

What is Zeitgeist?

Zeitgeist is a service which logs the users's activities and events,
anywhere from files opened to websites
visited and conversations, and makes this information readily
available for other applications to use. It is also
able to establish relationships between items based on similarity and
usage patterns.

Where can you get it?



* Diagnostic Tab is added back (LP #1192040)
* Diagnostic Tab now even shows in Standalone App Mode (LP #1192778)
* "Send a report automatically" has been disabled (LP $#1192777)
* Drops dependency on zeitgeist-1.0, adds dep on zeitgist-20 (LP #1197269)
* "Privacy Policy" and "Show Previous reports" is now a LinkButton (LP #940483)
* Mimetype Includes are sorted alphabetically (LP #1189266)
* Use Plural in Include List
* Put enough padding between GtkSwitch and "Record file and Application Usage"
* Rename activity-log-manager-ccpanel.desktop.in
  to gnome-activity-log-manager-panel.desktop.in
* Privacy panel in gnome-control-center is only shown in Unity
* Activity Log Manager standalone app does not show in Unity

Manish Sinha
Activity Log Manager Maintainer