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Results on my Ubuntu 16.04


First of all, nice job, keep going. Sadly I havent been able to properly
install your nvidia pkgs since a while, since December builds on Ubuntu
15.10 to be exact. It keeps send me a "low graphics mode error". Ive tried
the 352, 355 (dont know why cant even install 358) and 361 with the same
results, since December like I mentioned before.

Samsung Series 5
Nvidia Optimus (650m + Intel Ivybridge)
Ubuntu 16.04

This is my method: add yout PPA, update as always
then: sudo apt-get install bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia nvidia-3xx
then: edit the bumblebee conf

Again this method worked before, I dont know why this sends me an error
now. Any advice?

Cheers from Chile