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Bug report (sorry if this is not the way to report)


Hey guys,

I recently switch from 378.13 to 381.22 on your PPA. Both are working great
regarding graphics. The problem I'm having is with sound. I have a
GeForce GTX1070 connected to four monitors. One of them has speakers. I'm
running Ubuntu 16.04.
Up to 378 I had no problem selecting the HDMI as an output and listening
through the monitor speakers. The 381 driver broke this. It seems that my
card thinks there's nothing plugged into the card for sound, even though I
clearly have video through it. The matter of fact when running: *pacmd
*I see that the port where the monitor is plugged shows as *available: no*

I didn't know how else to report this bug, so I apologize if this was not
the right place. I'm not sending logs or debug info, just waiting for the
appropriate place to do so.

Thanks in advance!