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GL_ARB_bindless_texture didn't work anymore after upgrading Ubuntu to 18.04 4.15.0-33-generic


After upgrading to Bionic Beaver my programs have problems with GL_ARB_bindless_texture:

I reproduced this bug with an example provided by OpenSceneGraph project (example osgbindlesstext)

I debugged what I can but all seams right. Altough all calls to texture2D in glsl gives 0.

I ran benchmarks but none include the feature:


Try2repro Benchmarks [1808254-KH-TRY2REPRO45] - OpenBenchmarking.org<https://openbenchmarking.org/result/1808254-KH-TRY2REPRO45>
Benchmarks of try2repro with Linux test results, hardware information, and performance data.

Here it is. At least for my complete system spec...:/

It's no the first time this feature break after driver update so perhaps it's in Nvidia hands ..but If I can help to fix it I would be glad...
.perhaps in creating a specialize beanchmark for this feature  or something

(Render to texture bind less stuff, readback and fails if image is black)


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