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bugs with 20.04 + 450.66


Since installing the 450.66 driver from the PPA, and moving off the
included drivers in 20.04, I've been seeing some weird behaviour that looks
like driver bugs.

- in Firefox, when a system wakes from sleep, active tabs and window
decorations start flashing between visible and invisible, seemingly
triggered by mouse movement. the only workaround seems to be closing and
reopening the browser.
- some games I'm playing in Wine (like Assassin's Creed Odyssey) now crash
with a big stacktrace
- I seem to no longer be able to lock my system, the lock functionality is
missing and doesn't work even on resume from sleep (although I've opened an
Ubuntu bug about this since it may be unrelated)

so things feel a little sketchy. however! in things that do still work, I'm
seeing improved performance. Mortal Shell for instance was struggling in
certain scenes, and I'm seeing as much as a 20fps improvement in those
areas with no other system changes. so there are some really good vulkan
improvements in this driver, it seems.