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Re: Questions about User Stories



Bertrand has been answering questions for me related to gtg contribution
and GSoC, but he suggested that it might be beneficial for me to ask on
this list.

I am interested in refining the user stories and I want to ask:

(1) Do you feel that the stories that are currently documented on the wiki
will pass acceptance tests that are written based on their requirements?
(2) Do you feel that gtg could benefit from a more in-depth analysis of
user stories, including step-by-step flowcharting that details which steps
of a process pass/fail?
(3) Do you think that the users stories would benefit from being more
atomic? For example, do you think there would be benefit in analyzing "Dam
wants to set a priority for his tasks" and "Dam wants to see his tasks
sorted by priority" as two separate user stories?

Meg Ford

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