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Schedule for the upcoming release (0.3)



Good news everyone: the next release of GTG will happen in september, one
month from now. Things are shaping well and we can already tell for sure
that GTG 0.3 will be one of our best release ever!

Here's the calendar we'll follow:

   - 15/08/2012: Feature freeze: after this date, new features will have to
   wait for the next release.
   - 01/09/2012: All critical bugs are fixed. Trunk is frozen for the
   upcoming 0.3 release. From now on, we only integrate translations, and
   heavily test the release. We create the 0.3-rc1 milestone for the 0.3
   series, and a new 0.4 branch. All remaining bugs are pushed to the 0.4
   release and we cherry-pick some bugs for the 0.3.1 release.
   - 15/09/2012: RC1
   - 21/09/2012: Release!

If you are a developer, you can help us by picking a bug in this
list<https://launchpad.net/gtg/+milestone/0.3>and fixing it.
If you are a translator, you can help us by translating the text strings
used in GTG. You can do this through our launchpad

And if you're none of that, there are still many other things you can do to
help us:

   - Writing documentation (this bugs:
   #897440) <https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/897440>
   - Preparing a release note: screenshots, a text presenting the
   changelog, with highlights on some points, etc
   - Downloading, installing, testing and reporting bugs ;-)

Thanks a lot, and see you in september for the GTG 0.3!

Bertrand Rousseau

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