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Re: Subtagging


On 05/15/2013 04:01 PM, Nimit Shah wrote:
Hi all,
    While working on a bug, I found an interesting thing and hence am
asking you this question:
When you make a tag a subtag of another, do you want all the tasks
having the child tag to also have the parent tag?
To make myself clear:
you have 2 tags @a and @b with the structure:
now you drag drop b into a so the structure becomes:

would you want all the tasks having 'b' as their tag to also have 'a' ?
Current GTG implementation,simply drags and drops the tags and does
not make any changes to the tasks.

Personally, I feel that 'a' should be added to all tasks having 'b'.

Hi Nimit,

current implementation is that those tasks don't get the new tag but GTG acts as they have it (something like a compromise :)


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