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Re: (Partially) Migrating from Launchpad to Github


Hi all,

Good move, I really think you're making the good choice here.

I take the opportunity to announce that I am retiring from the project and
leaving the contributor list. I haven't contributed in a while anyway, so I
am just making this official.

It's been a real pleasure working on this project all this years, and a
delight to see all you great people contributing to it and taking it over
with such talent. Keep up the good work!



On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 10:01 AM, Izidor Matušov

> Hi,
> after careful consideration, Nimit, Parin and I decided to do partial
> migration from Launchpad to Github.
> Back in 2008 when Lionel and Bertrand founded GTG, Launchpad was the best
> code hosting with many features ahead its time. It was the best tool
> available.
> Over the years, Launchpad  was overtaken by Github in many ways:
> - Github has much faster website
> - Github has bigger community
> - Github has many free tools for open source projects, e.g. Travis,
> Coveralls, Transifex, readthedocs
> - Git got much more popular than bzr (plus has different approach towards
> project history)
> - Code reviews are easier on Github, e.g. you can do inline commenting
> - Nice integration between issues and pull requests (a.k.a merge request
> in Launchpad)
> Plus many small details.
> Over the next couple weeks, we are going to migrate all important branches
> over GTG github account: https://github.com/getting-things-gnome
> We are taking the opportunity for triaging and migrating GTG issues to
> Github issues. While doing that, we can reconsider what is reallistic for
> GTG to accomplish and what is out of the project roadmap/available
> resources. It is time to close those old bugs from 2009 that nobody touched
> ever since.
> Do we leave Launchpad completely? No. Launchpad is still the best service
> for serving PPA. We keep PPAs without changes.
> Please, start using our Github account for new contributions. If you would
> like to contribute to GTG, drop me line with your github user name and I'll
> add you as GTG contributor.
> Izidor

Bertrand Rousseau