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Re: [Branch ~hipl-core/hipl/trunk] Rev 4908: Clear ctx->error to 0 prior to processing each socket.


On Fri, 20 Aug 2010 21:44:57 +0200, Diego Biurrun <diego@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

revno: 4908
committer: Christof Mroz <christof.mroz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
branch nick: trunk
timestamp: Fri 2010-08-20 16:59:41 +0200
  Clear ctx->error to 0 prior to processing each socket.

  Maybe that's the wrong place to patch so here's some background info.

Then why did you commit instead of sending a patch and discussing on the
ml first?

Thanks for pointing this out, I'll be more cautious next time I alter program logic. In the future, filing a bug and attaching the fix in launchpad would be the cleanest way in my opinion (for bookkeping purposes), and the list is gonna receive that anyway; or would it be best to send it to this list as an old-fashioned patch file?

What about "cosmetic" (const-correctness etc.) and documentation (docs, more verbose debug messages,...) changes? May I commit these directly?

Concerning this commit in particular, I think it's quite safe resetting an error code at a place where no processing has taken place yet (it's just one stack frame below hipd_main).

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