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Re: question about proprietary nvidia driver and bumblebee


El mar, 07-02-2012 a las 16:32 -0500, Gary Gatling escribió:
> Greetings Hybrid Linux folks.
> I am trying to get bumblebee optimus technology to work on my centOS 6
> box. Perhaps it is impossible for that particular distro to work...
> I downloaded and installed the NVidia drivers from elrepo.org for my
> distro. But when I install them my desktop goes upside down and also
> all the letters are backwards! So the elrepo drivers won't work
> without a lot of modifications I'm guessing. Uninstalling the elrepo
> rpms fixes the desktop upside down / backwards issues.
> When I install the proprietary nvidia driver from NVidia's web site,
> as described in the docs, it does in fact break 3D capabilities on the
> Intel graphics card and "therefore affect the display of frames from
> the nvidia card." So it seems I'm stuck at this point.
> Uninstalling the  proprietary nvidia driver from NVidia's web site
> with "-uninstall" fixes it so the 3d capabilities of the intel card
> work again thank goodness. :) (I have compiz turned on so I noticed
> that  right away)
> So my question is this...
> Is there a way I could install the proprietary nvidia driver from
> NVidia's web site and then "fix" it so that the intel driver still
> works with 3d? (Perhaps the proprietary nvidia driver from NVidia's
> web site needs additional command line arguments?)
> Or maybe its just a matter of copying over a few files the installer
> messed up? These files must get preserved someplace since
> "sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-290.10.run -k $(uname -r) -uninstall" fixes
> the intel 3d problems.
> I was able to locate the rpms I would need for this project such as
> VirtualGL (at version 2.3) and other dependencies such as
>  libbsd-devel rpm. I am able to compile the bumblebee package just
> fine without configure arguments. I guess I'm stuck now at NVidia
> drivers are messing up my intel card's 3d capabilities.
> I have bbswitch already installed and working on my laptop, a lenovo
> Y470. Any thoughts or ideas welcome. :) Thanks a lot.
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The NVIDIA binaries should be installed in a way that won't break LibGL
from mesa in order for the intel card to work properly. Nouveau driver
doesn't have this issue and supports 3D acceleration at an acceptable

If you still want to install the proprietary driver I can give you my
PKGBUILD for ArchLinux. Is a simple bash script and it only uncompresses
the binaries and copies them manually. Use it only as a guide on where
to install the binaries but you can't run it directly.

Hope you can solve this

Samsagax, from The Bumblebee Project Team