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Re: [mpris] MPRIS 2.0 draft proposal


Hi Jorge,

2010/7/2 Jorge Villaseñor <salinasv@xxxxxxxxx>:
> - Do you think it would make sense to make MPRIS be able to manage
> more than 1 TrakList (as most of the players I have seen in the last
> years) so the client can build a more complete UI that can support
> more of the player features?

Yes, the tracklist interface has been designed with that in mind.

> This can be done adding a property to TrackList say GetTracklists
> which can bring a list of current open Tracklists and the currently in
> use. Or GetTrackLists and GetCurrentTrackList the former that brings
> the complete list and the later that brings just the current one. Then
> we will need to add which playlist we are trying to interact to with
> the current methods. (maybe this must be better managed with another
> interface)

A Playlists property and a LoadPlaylist method on the root interface
should do it.

> Having multiple TrackList we can also add a Collection capability
> which will tell us if the playlist we are Seeing is the entire
> collection so we can add tracks to it from the client.

I'm planning to add another interface for that purpose.
The changes in this version are heavy enough as they are, though.
I'd rather add these in a later revision or in extensions of the spec.

> - Is there a reason to not allow the client to change the metadata of
> a track? It looks like TRACKLIST_CAN_EDIT_TRACKS is not used in the
> interface.

Noone thought about it before, I guess :)
let me think about how to do this in a not too racy way.

> I would like to propose a new state. Shuffle_State: Playing random
> albums. This is it plays an entire album and when it ends, it search
> for a random album and play it from the beginning to the end. (Exaile
> implements this type of random and I find it awesome)

Nak for me, this is an interesting feature but It looks like too few
media players implement it, moreover it is quite specialized to music
players and concepts like albums are, IMHO beyond the scope of the