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update-inx, and... spam


Hi all,

This is a semi double-up for people who are subscribed to inx@ as well
as inx-devl@. Sorry for that...

There's a new update script -


Updates the script set, /etc/skel and your $HOME dot files etc.

You will know what to do with it ;) (Well, I hope you will!)

Re: spam - this list (inx-devel), is being spammed now, and moderating
it is becoming a pain, frankly. Currently I have 40 mails that need
moderation, and the LP moderation interface is point-and-click on
individual mails afaics.

Maybe it's time to use just inx@ ?

I confess I have no idea how to disable inx-devel@ though. I suppose we
could all unsubscribe or something, unless someone knows how to send it
to /dev/null...

Thoughts? Solutions?


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