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Bootable INX USB stick script


Hi all, 

I have made a 'preliminary' script for creating a USB stick that boots
INX and allows "persistent" sessions. This is the first version, but it
seems to work OK here...

What you need:
* USB stick (minimum practical size for 'persistence' to be of use
would be about 512 MB)
* Live CD booted to get and run the script
* Literacy skills ;-)

* Boot a live session of INX from CD (toram is OK if you prefer)

* Run 'wget http://inx.maincontent.net/inxusb '

(not yet visibly linked on the site, for obvious reasons)

chmod +x inxusb
sudo ./inxusb

That's pretty much it.

You should get a bootable USB with two partitions - labels 'INX' (first
partition - 250 MB) and 'casper-rw' (second partition - rest of drive).
Both partitions are currently ext2, so they won't be visible from
*cough* that other operating system ...

I'm using grub as bootloader, because boot screens for syslinux or
extlinux are a pain.

Now, this actually needs testing, so please give it a go. It only takes
a few minutes...

I hope for some feedback on this, because I want to add it to INX, and
it needs to be "safe for humanity" ...


"INX Is Not X" Live CD based on Ubuntu 8.04 : http://inx.maincontent.net
Screenshots slideshow: http://inx.maincontent.net/album/1.png.html

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