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[Bug 1292234] Re: qcow2 image corruption on non-extent filesystems (ext3)


This bug was fixed in the package linux - 3.19.0-12.12

linux (3.19.0-12.12) vivid; urgency=low

  [ Andy Whitcroft ]

  * [Packaging] do_common_tools should always be on
  * [Packaging] Provides: virtualbox-guest-modules when appropriate
    - LP: #1434579

  [ Chris J Arges ]

  * Revert "SAUCE: ext4: disable ext4_punch_hole for indirect filesystems"
    - LP: #1292234

  [ Leann Ogasawara ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1439803

  [ Timo Aaltonen ]

  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: Provide a backport driver for Skylake & Cherryview
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: Update intel_ips.h file location
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: Only support Skylake and Cherryview with the backport
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: Rename the backport driver to i915_bpo
    - LP: #1420774
  * i915_bpo: [Config] Enable CONFIG_DRM_I915_BPO=m
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: Add i915_bpo_*() calls for ubuntu/i915
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: Revert "drm/i915: remove unused
    power_well/get_cdclk_freq api"
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: Add i915_bpo specific power well calls
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: Backport I915_PARAM_MMAP_VERSION and I915_MMAP_WC
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: Partial backport of drm/i915: Add ioctl to set per-context
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: drm/i915: Specify bsd rings through exec flag
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: drm/i915: add I915_PARAM_HAS_BSD2 to i915_getparam
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: drm/i915: add component support
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: drm/i915: Add tiled framebuffer modifiers
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: Backport new displayable tiling formats
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: Backport drm_crtc_vblank_reset() helper
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: drm/i915: Add I915_PARAM_REVISION
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: drm/i915: Export total subslice and EU counts
    - LP: #1420774
  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: Revert drm/mm: Support 4 GiB and larger ranges
    - LP: #1420774

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * drm/i915/skl: Split the SKL PCI ids by GT
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: Reorganize probed mode validation
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: Perform basic sanity checks on probed modes
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: Do basic sanity checks for user modes
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm/atomic-helper: Export both plane and modeset check helpers
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm/atomic-helper: Again check modeset *before* plane states
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm/atomic: Introduce state->obj backpointers
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: allow property validation for refcnted props
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: store property instead of id in obj attachment
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: get rid of direct property value access
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: add atomic_set_property wrappers
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: tweak getconnector locking
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: add atomic_get_property
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: Remove unneeded braces for single statement blocks
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: refactor getproperties/getconnector
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: add atomic properties
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm/atomic: atomic_check functions
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: small property creation cleanup
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm/atomic: atomic plane properties
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm/atomic: atomic connector properties
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: Atomic modeset ioctl
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm/atomic: Hide drm.ko internal interfaces
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: Ensure universal_planes is set for atomic
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: fix mismerge in drm_crtc.c
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: bit of spell-check / editorializing.
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: add support for tiled/compressed/etc modifier in addfb2
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: Add rotation value to plane state
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: add helper to get crtc timings (v5)
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm: Adding edp1.4 specific dpcd macros
    - LP: #1420774
  * drm/plane-helper: Skip prepare_fb/cleanup_fb when newfb==oldfb
    - LP: #1420774
  * next: drm/atomic: Use copy_from_user to copy 64 bit data from user
    - LP: #1420774
  * powerpc: Add PVR for POWER8NVL processor
    - LP: #1438938
  * kernel/sched/clock.c: add another clock for use with the soft lockup
    - LP: #1427075
  * powerpc: add running_clock for powerpc to prevent spurious softlockup
    - LP: #1427075
  * ext4: fix indirect punch hole corruption
    - LP: #1292234
  * fm10k: Clean-up page reuse code
    - LP: #1397863
  * net/fm10k: Avoid double setting of NETIF_F_SG for the HW encapsulation
    feature mask
    - LP: #1397863
  * fm10k: Check tunnel header length in encap offload
    - LP: #1397863
  * fm10k: Increase the timeout for the data path reset
    - LP: #1397863
  * fm10k: Validate VLAN ID in fm10k_update_xc_addr_pf
    - LP: #1397863
  * fm10k: Resolve compile warnings with W=1
    - LP: #1397863
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbe: cleanup sparse errors in new ixgbe_x550.c file
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbe: allow multiple queues in SRIOV mode
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbevf: enable multiple queue support
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbevf: add RSS support for X550
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbe: fix setting port VLAN
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbe: cleanup redundant default method set_rxpba
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbe: Cleanup probe to remove redundant attempt to ID PHY
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbe: add VXLAN offload support for X550 devices
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbevf: set vlan_features in a single write instead of several ORs
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbevf: Fix ordering of shutdown to correctly disable Rx and Tx
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbevf: Add code to check for Tx hang
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbevf: rewrite watchdog task to function similar to igbvf
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbevf: combine all of the tasks into a single service task
    - LP: #1397861
  * ixgbe: add Tx anti spoofing support
    - LP: #1397861
  * be2net: move definitions related to FW cmdsfrom be_hw.h to be_cmds.h
    - LP: #1439332
  * be2net: refactor code that checks flash file compatibility
    - LP: #1439332
  * be2net: avoid flashing SH-B0 UFI image on SH-P2 chip
    - LP: #1439332
  * of: iommu: Add ptr to OF node arg to of_iommu_configure()
    - LP: #1386490
  * of: Move of_dma_configure() to device.c to help re-use
    - LP: #1386490
  * of: Fix size when dma-range is not used
    - LP: #1386490
  * PCI: Add helper functions pci_get[put]_host_bridge_device()
    - LP: #1386490
  * of/pci: Add of_pci_dma_configure() to update DMA configuration
    - LP: #1386490
  * PCI: Update DMA configuration from DT
    - LP: #1386490
  * arm: dma-mapping: limit IOMMU mapping size
    - LP: #1386490
  * of: Calculate device DMA masks based on DT dma-range size
    - LP: #1386490
 -- Leann Ogasawara <leann.ogasawara@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>   Thu, 02 Apr 2015 11:09:43 -0700

** Changed in: linux (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  qcow2 image corruption on non-extent filesystems (ext3)

Status in linux package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in qemu package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Users of non-extent ext4 filesystems (ext4 ^extents, or ext3 w/ CONFIG_EXT4_USE_FOR_EXT23=y) can encounter data corruption when using fallocate with FALLOC_FL_PUNCH_HOLE | FALLOC_FL_KEEP_SIZE flags.

  [Test Case]
  1) Setup ext4 ^extents, or ext3 filesystem with CONFIG_EXT4_USE_FOR_EXT23=y
  2) Create and install a VM using a qcow2 image and store the file on the filesystem
  3) Snapshot the image with qemu-img
  4) Boot the image and do some disk operations (fio,etc)
  5) Shutdown image and delete snapshot
  6) Repeat 3-5 until VM no longer boots due to image corruption, generally this takes a few iterations depending on disk operations.

  commit 6f30b7e37a8239f9d27db626a1d3427bc7951908 upstream

  This has been discussed upstream here:

  A temporary fix would be to disable punch_hole for non-extent
  filesystem. This is how the normal ext3 module handles this and it is
  up to userspace to handle the failure. I've run this with the test
  case and was able to run for 600 iterations over 3 days where most
  failures occur within the first 2-20 iterations.

  diff --git a/fs/ext4/inode.c b/fs/ext4/inode.c
  index 5653fa4..e14cdfe 100644
  --- a/fs/ext4/inode.c
  +++ b/fs/ext4/inode.c
  @@ -3367,6 +3367,10 @@ int ext4_punch_hole(struct inode *inode, loff_t
  offset, loff_t length)
    unsigned int credits;
    int ret = 0;

  +	/* EXTENTS required */
  +	if (!(ext4_test_inode_flag(inode, EXT4_INODE_EXTENTS)))
  +		return -EOPNOTSUPP;
    if (!S_ISREG(inode->i_mode))
     return -EOPNOTSUPP;


  The security team uses a tool (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-
  bugcontrol/ubuntu-qa-tools/master/view/head:/vm-tools/uvt) that uses
  libvirt snapshots quite a bit. I noticed after upgrading to trusty
  some time ago that qemu 1.7 (and the qemu 2.0 in the candidate ppa)
  has had stability problems such that the disk/partition table seems to
  be corrupted after removing a libvirt snapshot and then creating
  another with the same name. I don't have a very simple reproducer, but
  had enough that hallyn suggested I file a bug. First off:

  qemu-kvm 2.0~git-20140307.4c288ac-0ubuntu2

  $ cat /proc/version_signature
  Ubuntu 3.13.0-16.36-generic 3.13.5

  $ qemu-img info ./forhallyn-trusty-amd64.img
  image: ./forhallyn-trusty-amd64.img
  file format: qcow2
  virtual size: 8.0G (8589934592 bytes)
  disk size: 4.0G
  cluster_size: 65536
  Format specific information:
      compat: 0.10

  Steps to reproduce:
  1. create a virtual machine. For a simplified reproducer, I used virt-manager with:
    OS type: Linux
    Version: Ubuntu 14.04
    Memory: 768
    CPUs: 1

    Select managed or existing (Browse, new volume)
      Create a new storage volume:
        Max capacity: 8192
        Allocation: 0

      firmware: default

  2. install a VM. I used trusty-desktop-amd64.iso from Jan 23 since it
  seems like I can hit the bug more reliably if I have lots of updates
  in a dist-upgrade. I have seen this with lucid-trusty guests that are
  i386 and amd64. After the install, reboot and then cleanly shutdown

  3. Backup the image file somewhere since steps 1 and 2 take a while :)

  4. Execute the following commands which are based on what our uvt tool

  $ virsh snapshot-create-as forhallyn-trusty-amd64 pristine "uvt snapshot"
  $ virsh snapshot-current --name forhallyn-trusty-amd64
  $ virsh start forhallyn-trusty-amd64
  $ virsh snapshot-list forhallyn-trusty-amd64 # this is showing as shutoff after start, this might be different with qemu 1.5

  in guest:
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  780 upgraded...
  shutdown -h now

  $ virsh snapshot-delete forhallyn-trusty-amd64 pristine --children
  $ virsh snapshot-create-as forhallyn-trusty-amd64 pristine "uvt snapshot"

  $ virsh start forhallyn-trusty-amd64 # this command works, but there
  is often disk corruption

  The idea behind the above is to create a new VM with a pristine
  snapshot that we could revert later if we wanted. Instead, we boot the
  VM, run apt-get dist-upgrade, cleanly shutdown and then remove the old
  'pristine' snapshot and create a new 'pristine' snapshot. The
  intention is to update the VM and the pristine snapshot so that when
  we boot the next time, we boot from the updated VM and can revert back
  to the updated VM.

  After running 'virsh start' after doing snapshot-delete/snapshot-
  create-as, the disk may be corrupted. This can be seen with grub
  failing to find .mod files, the kernel not booting, init failing, etc.

  This does not seem to be related to the machine type used. Ie, pc-
  i440fx-1.5, pc-i440fx-1.7 and pc-i440fx-2.0 all fail with qemu 2.0,
  pc-i440fx-1.5 and pc-i440fx-1.7 fail with qemu 1.7 and pc-i440fx-1.5
  works fine with qemu 1.5.

  Only workaround I know if is to downgrade qemu to 1.5.0+dfsg-
  3ubuntu5.4 from Ubuntu 13.10.

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