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[Bug 1443371] Re: netns: enhance netlink interface for nsid


Here is the list (with the dependencies):

0c7aecd4bde4 netns: add rtnl cmd to add and get peer netns ids
d37512a277df rtnl: add link netns id to interface messages
1728d4fabd1b tunnels: advertise link netns via netlink
317f4810e45e rtnl: allow to create device with IFLA_LINK_NETNSID set
bdef279b993b rtnl: fix error path when adding an iface with a link net
3390e397611c ip6gretap: advertise link netns via netlink
1f17257b1f4a vlan: advertise link netns via netlink
eaca400f1d14 macvlan: advertise link netns via netlink
e5f4e7b9ff33 veth: advertise link netns via netlink
193523bf9373 vxlan: advertise netns of vxlan dev in fdb msg
4967082b4693 vxlan: advertise link netns in fdb messages
33564bbb2cf1 vxlan: setup the right link netns in newlink hdlr
7b4ce694b203 rtnetlink: pass link_net to the newlink handler
06615bed60c1 net: Verify permission to link_net in newlink
cac5e65e8a7e net: do not use rcu in rtnl_dump_ifinfo()
436389007967 net: Handle unregister properly when netdev namespace change fails.
a54acb3a6f85 dev: introduce dev_get_iflink()
ecf2c06a88d2 ip6tnl,gre6,vti6: implement ndo_get_iflink
1e99584b911c ipip,gre,vti,sit: implement ndo_get_iflink
ee9b9596a8dd ipmr,ip6mr: implement ndo_get_iflink
2dbf6b5058ac vlan: implement ndo_get_iflink
ef5fa6bc46ee macvlan: implement ndo_get_iflink
7c4116588b2a ipvlan: implement ndo_get_iflink
5aa7add8f14b infiniband/ipoib: implement ndo_get_iflink
abd2be00d474 dsa: implement ndo_get_iflink
7a66bbc96ce9 net: remove iflink field from struct net_device
e1622baf54df dev: set iflink to 0 for virtual interfaces
a45253bf32bf veth: set iflink to the peer veth
576b7cd2f6ff netns: don't allocate an id for dead netns
b111e4e11123 netns: minor cleanup in rtnl_net_getid()
9a9634545c70 netns: notify netns id events
a143c40c32bb netns: allow to dump netns ids

Note that commit 5aa7add8f14b ("infiniband/ipoib: implement ndo_get_iflink") needs also this fix (not yet merged):

The goal of this backport is to be able to identify link netns of
virtual interfaces.

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  netns: enhance netlink interface for nsid

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Bug description:
  The following feature is required to support nsid on netdevices:

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