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[Bug 1439706] Re: FFE: Ubuntu FAN networking support (for linux, iproute2 and ubuntu-fan)


** Changed in: linux (Ubuntu)
       Status: Triaged => Fix Committed

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  FFE: Ubuntu FAN networking support (for linux, iproute2 and ubuntu-

Status in iproute2 package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in linux package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:
  FFE general instructions:

  The Ubuntu FAN networking support provides for additional addressing
  within a "host" system.  These addresses are "globally" accessible
  within a related group of "host" systems, and would typically be
  assigned to LXC containers or Docker instances running on that "host".
  A typical use case for this would be to allow nested containers on a
  cloud substrate, where the "host" systems would be guests in that
  cloud.  Each cloud "host" instance would be able to express multiple
  addresses to other instances on the same substrate simplifying

  The changes consist of fixes for the linux (kernel) and iproute2
  packages, as well as a new ubunt-fan package.  The support is
  completely disabled unless the guest opts in.  Installation of the
  ubuntu-fan package, and configuration of it via /etc/default/ubuntu-
  fan is required before the functionality is expressed.

  These changes are proposed to allow simpler deployment and addressing
  of LXC containers and Docker instances on any substrate in a
  consistent manner without needing cooperation of buy in from that
  substrate, simply having single instance addresses on that substrate
  is sufficient.  This should be a strong enabler for Ubuntu on those

  Additional FFE instructions for linux:

  The changes for linux add a new IPIP tunnel routing mode which uses a
  direct address mapping (destination subnet to destination local IP
  address) allowing a single configuration per node to configure the
  entire fan network.  No existing functionality is changed, and this
  new mode must be explicitly requested when configuring (via iproute2
  see below).

  The patches have been applied and the resulting package uploaded to a
  testing PPA: ppa:~apw/ubuntu/fan.

  Testing is described below.

  Additional FFE instructions for iproute2:

  The changes for iproute2 add support for enabling the above IPIP
  routing mode, and for displaying it once configured.  No existing
  functionality is changed.  There is a small risk that the interface
  chosen could be reused by upstream, but as it is fan specific that is

  The patches have been applied and the resulting package uploaded to a
  testing PPA: ppa:~apw/ubuntu/fan.

  Testing is described below.

  Additional FFE instructions for new ubuntu-fan package:

  The new ubuntu-fan package enables the fan functionality by
  configuring a new tunnel configured in Ubuntu FAN mode, and a new
  bridge which is used to connect consumers to it.  Typically this
  bridge is then used as the host bridge for LXC containers or Docker
  instances.  Additionally a dnsmasq is connected to the bridge to hand
  out addresses in the host specific range as if they themselves were on
  the wider network.

  The source package is uploaded to the PPA: ppa:~apw/ubuntu/fan as
  ubuntu-fan and represents the master source for this package.

  Testing of this combination:

  The above has been tested in combination from the testing PPA:
  ppa:~apw/ubuntu/fan.  These have been tested both locally and on AWS,
  it has been successfully tested with both LXC containers and Docker


  Using the above instructions/checklist, lets draft the FFE
  below...Once we are happy with it let's delete the notes above and we
  can subscribe ubuntu-release.

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