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[Bug 1490931] Re: Precise update to 3.2.71 stable release


** Changed in: linux (Ubuntu Precise)
       Status: New => Fix Committed

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  Precise update to 3.2.71 stable release

Status in linux package in Ubuntu:
Status in linux source package in Precise:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:
  SRU Justification

         The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
         in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
         demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
         by originating either directly from Linus' tree or in a minimally
         backported form of that patch. The 3.2.71 upstream stable
         patch set is now available. It should be included in the Ubuntu
         kernel as well.



         The following patches are in the 3.2.71 stable release:

  hrtimer: Allow concurrent hrtimer_start() for self restarting timers
  s5h1420: fix a buffer overflow when checking userspace params
  cx24116: fix a buffer overflow when checking userspace params
  mtd: fix: avoid race condition when accessing mtd->usecount
  crypto: talitos - avoid memleak in talitos_alg_alloc()
  ASoC: wm8737: Fixup setting VMID Impedance control register
  ASoC: wm8903: Fix define for WM8903_VMID_RES_250K
  ASoC: wm8955: Fix setting wrong register for WM8955_K_8_0_MASK bits
  pktgen: adjust spacing in proc file interface output
  tty/serial: at91: RS485 mode: 0 is valid for delay_rts_after_send
  drm/radeon: take the mode_config mutex when dealing with hpds (v2)
  usb: dwc3: gadget: return error if command sent to DEPCMD register fails
  rcu: Correctly handle non-empty Tiny RCU callback list with none ready
  mtd: dc21285: use raw spinlock functions for nw_gpio_lock
  staging: rtl8712: prevent buffer overrun in recvbuf2recvframe
  usb: core: Fix USB 3.0 devices lost in NOTATTACHED state after a hub port reset
  staging: vt6655: device_rx_srv check sk_buff is NULL
  fixing infinite OPEN loop in 4.0 stateid recovery
  NFS: Fix size of NFSACL SETACL operations
  SUNRPC: Fix a memory leak in the backchannel code
  ipr: Increase default adapter init stage change timeout
  ath3k: Add support of 0489:e076 AR3012 device
  ath3k: add support of 13d3:3474 AR3012 device
  ath9k: fix DMA stop sequence for AR9003+
  cdc-acm: Add support of ATOL FPrint fiscal printers
  regulator: core: fix constraints output buffer
  dmaengine: mv_xor: bug fix for racing condition in descriptors cleanup
  ASoC: wm8960: the enum of "DAC Polarity" should be wm8960_enum[1]
  ext4: fix race between truncate and __ext4_journalled_writepage()
  Disable write buffering on Toshiba ToPIC95
  jbd2: split updating of journal superblock and marking journal empty
  jbd2: issue cache flush after checkpointing even with internal journal
  jbd2: use GFP_NOFS in jbd2_cleanup_journal_tail()
  jbd2: fix ocfs2 corrupt when updating journal superblock fails
  ideapad: fix software rfkill setting
  mmc: card: Fixup request missing in mmc_blk_issue_rw_rq
  nfs: increase size of EXCHANGE_ID name string buffer
  Bluetooth: ath3k: add support of 04ca:300f AR3012 device
  ext4: call sync_blockdev() before invalidate_bdev() in put_super()
  iio: DAC: ad5624r_spi: fix bit shift of output data value
  ext4: don't retry file block mapping on bigalloc fs with non-extent file
  watchdog: omap: assert the counter being stopped before reprogramming
  NET: ROSE: Don't dereference NULL neighbour pointer.
  bridge: multicast: restore router configuration on port link down/up
  fs: Fix S_NOSEC handling
  stmmac: troubleshoot unexpected bits in des0 & des1
  mm: kmemleak: allow safe memory scanning during kmemleak disabling
  dell-laptop: Fix allocating & freeing SMI buffer page
  tracing/filter: Do not WARN on operand count going below zero
  tracing/filter: Do not allow infix to exceed end of string
  __bitmap_parselist: fix bug in empty string handling
  agp/intel: Fix typo in needs_ilk_vtd_wa()
  Btrfs: use kmem_cache_free when freeing entry in inode cache
  Btrfs: fix race between caching kthread and returning inode to inode cache
  crush: fix a bug in tree bucket decode
  fuse: initialize fc->release before calling it
  ALSA: usb-audio: Add MIDI support for Steinberg MI2/MI4
  ACPICA: Tables: Fix an issue that FACS initialization is performed twice
  fs/buffer.c: support buffer cache allocations with gfp modifiers
  bufferhead: Add _gfp version for sb_getblk()
  ext4: avoid deadlocks in the writeback path by using sb_getblk_gfp
  netfilter: bridge: don't leak skb in error paths
  KVM: x86: make vapics_in_nmi_mode atomic
  KVM: x86: properly restore LVT0
  9p: forgetting to cancel request on interrupted zero-copy RPC
  ext4: replace open coded nofail allocation in ext4_free_blocks()
  dm btree remove: fix bug in redistribute3
  dm thin: allocate the cell_sort_array dynamically
  USB: cp210x: add ID for Aruba Networks controllers
  dm btree: silence lockdep lock inversion in dm_btree_del()
  s390/sclp: clear upper register halves in _sclp_print_early
  drm: Check crtc x and y coordinates
  drm: add a check for x/y in drm_mode_setcrtc
  rtnetlink: verify IFLA_VF_INFO attributes before passing them to driver
  mm: avoid setting up anonymous pages into file mapping
  net: do not process device backlog during unregistration
  net: call rcu_read_lock early in process_backlog
  9p: don't leave a half-initialized inode sitting around
  s390/process: fix sfpc inline assembly
  Btrfs: fix file corruption after cloning inline extents
  rds: rds_ib_device.refcount overflow
  ata: pmp: add quirk for Marvell 4140 SATA PMP
  libata: add ATA_HORKAGE_BROKEN_FPDMA_AA quirk for HP 250GB SATA disk VB0250EAVER
  libata: add ATA_HORKAGE_NOTRIM
  libata: force disable trim for SuperSSpeed S238
  libata: increase the timeout when setting transfer mode
  datagram: Factor out sk queue referencing
  drm/radeon: Don't flush the GART TLB if rdev->gart.ptr == NULL
  mac80211: clear subdir_stations when removing debugfs
  inet: frags: fix defragmented packet's IP header for af_packet
  usb: dwc3: Reset the transfer resource index on SET_INTERFACE
  netfilter: nf_conntrack: Support expectations in different zones
  usb: xhci: Bugfix for NULL pointer deference in xhci_endpoint_init() function
  xhci: Calculate old endpoints correctly on device reset
  xhci: report U3 when link is in resume state
  xhci: do not report PLC when link is in internal resume state
  usb-storage: ignore ZTE MF 823 card reader in mode 0x1225
  tile: use free_bootmem_late() for initrd
  Input: usbtouchscreen - avoid unresponsive TSC-30 touch screen
  md/raid1: fix test for 'was read error from last working device'.
  iscsi-target: Fix use-after-free during TPG session shutdown
  niu: don't count tx error twice in case of headroom realloc fails
  vhost: actually track log eventfd file
  ALSA: usb-audio: add dB range mapping for some devices
  drm/radeon/combios: add some validation of lvds values
  x86/xen: Probe target addresses in set_aliased_prot() before the hypercall
  Linux 3.2.71

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