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[Bug 1491988] Re: 15.10: BT Command List not created: bluetooth:__hci_req_sync:298: hci1 end: err -ETIMEDOUT


Please note that the kernel subsystem performs various initialization
steps for each HCI controller. Depending on if a controller passes this
it gets up in bluetoothd or not. If a HCI controller is still flagged
with HCI_SETUP or HCI_CONFIG then something is wrong. Even if the
controller turns up in hciconfig that doesn't mean it is usable through
the MGMT kernel interface which is used by bluetoothd today.

If you're debugging this in the kernel look at __hci_init in
net/bluetooth/hci_core.c and verify all HCI commands are sent correctly
and no one gets an error. You can also log those HCI packages send
across the wire with hcidump and analyze the output with wireshark.

Could you also please note which types of BT modules you're using?

Also as you changed the summary it's now pretty unclear to a new person
reading this what the actual problem is ...

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Packages, which is subscribed to bluez in Ubuntu.

  15.10: BT Command List not created: bluetooth:__hci_req_sync:298: hci1
  end: err -ETIMEDOUT

Status in bluez package in Ubuntu:
  In Progress
Status in linux package in Ubuntu:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  $ hcitool dev
  	hci1	00:10:7A:4D:15:33
  	hci0	00:1F:3A:E0:0A:AF

  $ hcitool -i hci1 scan
  Scanning ...
  	00:0A:95:4B:BD:C2	Apple Wireless Keyboard

  $ sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

  $ journalctl -u bluetooth | grep adapter_service_add 
  Sep 03 19:39:12 hephaestion.lan.iam.tj bluetoothd[3973]: src/adapter.c:adapter_service_add() /org/bluez/hci0

  $ bluetoothctl
  [NEW] Controller 00:1F:3A:E0:0A:AF hephaestion.lan.iam.tj [default]
  [NEW] Device 00:0A:95:4B:BD:C2 Apple Wireless Keyboard
  [NEW] Device 00:07:61:3B:86:98 Bluetooth Travel Mouse
  [NEW] Device 00:19:15:29:83:14 Think Outside Keyboard
  [bluetooth]# list
  Controller 00:1F:3A:E0:0A:AF hephaestion.lan.iam.tj [default]

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