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[Bug 1496433]


I have upgraded to 4.3-rc2 and have not so far been able to reproduce
the problem. I will update here if I can do so.

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  Error in i915 driver

Status in Linux:
Status in linux package in Ubuntu:
Status in linux source package in Wily:

Bug description:
  The 7th of september I lost my Xorg display on wily. I was always in failsafe mode.
  I still could get openbox to run, which was still loading i915, but didn't consume any 3D/advanced instruction I thinK.
  I didn't got too much time to go beyond. 

  As I got also a btrfs kernel dump message, so I checked my ram at
  least with memtest86+, all was OK.

  Reverting to vivid allowed me to be back on unity.

  Wily-amd64, kernel

  Here are the traces I got:
  [   22.335530] [drm:intel_pipe_config_compare [i915]] *ERROR* mismatch in ips_enabled (expected 1, found 0)
  [   22.335535] ------------[ cut here ]------------
  [   22.335562] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 2190 at /build/linux-4dBub_/linux-4.2.0/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_display.c:12324 check_crtc_state+0x2c5/0x440 [i915]()
  [   22.335564] pipe state doesn't match!
  [   22.335566] Modules linked in: ipt_REJECT nf_reject_ipv4 ebtable_filter ebtables ip6_tables overlay xt_addrtype xt_conntrack xt_CHECKSUM ax88179_178a iptable_mangle usbnet ipt_MASQUERADE rtsx_usb_ms nf_nat_masquerade_ipv4 aufs iptable_nat nf_conntrack_ipv4 nf_defrag_ipv4 mii memstick nf_nat_ipv4 nf_nat nf_conntrack xt_tcpudp bridge stp llc binfmt_misc iptable_filter ip_tables x_tables bnep drbg ansi_cprng dm_crypt nls_iso8859_1 intel_rapl iosf_mbi x86_pkg_temp_thermal intel_powerclamp coretemp crct10dif_pclmul crc32_pclmul ghash_clmulni_intel aesni_intel aes_x86_64 lrw gf128mul snd_soc_rt5640 glue_helper ablk_helper snd_soc_rl6231 cryptd snd_soc_core input_leds serio_raw hid_sensor_rotation snd_compress ac97_bus snd_pcm_dmaengine snd_seq_midi snd_seq_midi_event snd_hda_codec_realtek hid_sensor_incl_3d
  [   22.335625]  uvcvideo videobuf2_vmalloc snd_hda_codec_generic hid_sensor_als videobuf2_memops hid_sensor_magn_3d snd_hda_codec_hdmi hid_sensor_accel_3d hid_sensor_gyro_3d btusb hid_sensor_trigger btrtl industrialio_triggered_buffer btbcm snd_rawmidi joydev btintel videobuf2_core kfifo_buf snd_hda_intel industrialio snd_hda_codec hid_sensor_iio_common v4l2_common videodev snd_hda_core hid_multitouch snd_hwdep media bluetooth mei_me snd_seq lpc_ich mei snd_pcm snd_seq_device dw_dmac dw_dmac_core snd_timer snd soundcore ideapad_laptop sparse_keymap 8250_dw i2c_designware_platform mac_hid spi_pxa2xx_platform soc_button_array i2c_designware_core snd_soc_sst_acpi kvm_intel kvm parport_pc ppdev lp parport autofs4 btrfs xor raid6_pq hid_sensor_custom hid_sensor_hub uas usb_storage bcache hid_generic usbhid
  [   22.335682]  rtsx_usb_sdmmc rtsx_usb i915 i2c_algo_bit drm_kms_helper drm psmouse ahci libahci sdhci_acpi sdhci video i2c_hid hid
  [   22.335698] CPU: 0 PID: 2190 Comm: Xorg Tainted: G        W       4.2.0-7-lowlatency #7-Ubuntu
  [   22.335700] Hardware name: LENOVO 20344/INVALID, BIOS 96CN25WW(V1.11) 07/09/2014
  [   22.335703]  ffffffffc02081e8 ffff8800995c77e8 ffffffff817bdf25 0000000000000000
  [   22.335708]  ffff8800995c7838 ffff8800995c7828 ffffffff81078016 ffff8800995c7858
  [   22.335712]  ffff8800995c78c0 ffff880035571000 0000000000000001 ffff880035571350
  [   22.335717] Call Trace:
  [   22.335724]  [<ffffffff817bdf25>] dump_stack+0x4c/0x6e
  [   22.335729]  [<ffffffff81078016>] warn_slowpath_common+0x86/0xc0
  [   22.335734]  [<ffffffff81078096>] warn_slowpath_fmt+0x46/0x50
  [   22.335758]  [<ffffffffc019bcf1>] ? intel_pipe_config_compare+0xb31/0xc60 [i915]
  [   22.335781]  [<ffffffffc019c0e5>] check_crtc_state+0x2c5/0x440 [i915]
  [   22.335809]  [<ffffffffc01afa9e>] intel_modeset_check_state+0x20e/0x6b0 [i915]
  [   22.335834]  [<ffffffffc01b0c47>] intel_crtc_set_config+0x4c7/0x580 [i915]
  [   22.335852]  [<ffffffffc00880c6>] drm_mode_set_config_internal+0x66/0x100 [drm]
  [   22.335870]  [<ffffffffc008c688>] drm_mode_setcrtc+0x3a8/0x4c0 [drm]
  [   22.335883]  [<ffffffffc007d3a5>] drm_ioctl+0x125/0x610 [drm]
  [   22.335898]  [<ffffffffc008c2e0>] ? drm_mode_setplane+0x1b0/0x1b0 [drm]
  [   22.335903]  [<ffffffff81205e15>] do_vfs_ioctl+0x285/0x460
  [   22.335908]  [<ffffffff810835ff>] ? recalc_sigpending+0x1f/0x60
  [   22.335912]  [<ffffffff8120fa97>] ? __fget+0x77/0xb0
  [   22.335916]  [<ffffffff81206069>] SyS_ioctl+0x79/0x90
  [   22.335921]  [<ffffffff817c4bf2>] entry_SYSCALL_64_fastpath+0x16/0x75
  [   22.335924] ---[ end trace 7e8588f0d9eb10f9 ]---

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