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[Bug 1524698] Re: Wily update to 4.2.7 stable release


Fix released in 4.2.0-27.32

** Changed in: linux (Ubuntu Wily)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  Wily update to 4.2.7 stable release

Status in linux package in Ubuntu:
Status in linux source package in Wily:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  SRU Justification

         The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
         in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
         demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
         by originating either directly from Linus' tree or in a minimally
         backported form of that patch. The 4.2.7 upstream stable
         patch set is now available. It should be included in the Ubuntu
         kernel as well.



         The following patches are in the 4.2.7 stable release:

  irda: precedence bug in irlmp_seq_hb_idx()
  tipc: allow non-linear first fragment buffer
  tcp: remove improper preemption check in tcp_xmit_probe_skb()
  netlink: fix locking around NETLINK_LIST_MEMBERSHIPS
  qmi_wwan: add Sierra Wireless MC74xx/EM74xx
  macvtap: unbreak receiving of gro skb with frag list
  ppp: fix pppoe_dev deletion condition in pppoe_release()
  amd-xgbe: Use wmb before updating current descriptor count
  amd-xgbe: Fix race between access of desc and desc index
  net: fec: Remove unneeded use of IS_ERR_VALUE() macro
  ipv6: gre: support SIT encapsulation
  net: fec: normalize return value of pm_runtime_get_sync() in MDIO write
  fib_trie: leaf_walk_rcu should not compute key if key is less than pn->key
  RDS-TCP: Recover correctly from pskb_pull()/pksb_trim() failure in rds_tcp_data_recv
  net/mlx4: Copy/set only sizeof struct mlx4_eqe bytes
  tipc: linearize arriving NAME_DISTR and LINK_PROTO buffers
  ipv4: fix to not remove local route on link down
  ipv4: update RTNH_F_LINKDOWN flag on UP event
  stmmac: Correctly report PTP capabilities.
  ipmr: fix possible race resulting from improper usage of IP_INC_STATS_BH() in preemptible context.
  sit: fix sit0 percpu double allocations
  sfc: push partner queue for skb->xmit_more
  net: avoid NULL deref in inet_ctl_sock_destroy()
  ipv6: clean up dev_snmp6 proc entry when we fail to initialize inet6_dev
  ipv4: disable BH when changing ip local port range
  packet: race condition in packet_bind
  bonding: fix panic on non-ARPHRD_ETHER enslave failure
  net: fix a race in dst_release()
  ARM: 8426/1: dma-mapping: add missing range check in dma_mmap()
  ARM: 8427/1: dma-mapping: add support for offset parameter in dma_mmap()
  ARM: common: edma: Fix channel parameter for irq callbacks
  ARM: dts: imx27.dtsi: change the clock information for usb
  ARM: tegra: paz00: use con_id's to refer GPIO's in gpiod_lookup table
  ARM: at91/dt: corrections to i2c1 declaration to sama5d4
  ARM: at91: pm: at91_pm_suspend_in_sram() must be 8-byte aligned
  ARM: dts: Fix WLAN regression on omap5-uevm
  ARM: dts: sun6i: hummingbird: Fix VDD-CPU and VDD-GPU regulator names
  ARM: pxa: remove incorrect __init annotation on pxa27x_set_pwrmode
  MIPS: lantiq: add clk_round_rate()
  MIPS: CDMM: Add builtin_mips_cdmm_driver() macro
  MIPS: ath79: Fix the DDR control initialization on ar71xx and ar934x
  MIPS: KVM: Fix ASID restoration logic
  MIPS: KVM: Fix CACHE immediate offset sign extension
  MIPS: KVM: Uninit VCPU in vcpu_create error path
  kvm: x86: set KVM_REQ_EVENT when updating IRR
  kvm: x86: zero EFER on INIT
  KVM: x86: add read_phys to x86_emulate_ops
  KVM: x86: handle SMBASE as physical address in RSM
  KVM: x86: allow RSM from 64-bit mode
  KVM: x86: obey KVM_X86_QUIRK_CD_NW_CLEARED in kvm_set_cr0()
  x86/setup: Extend low identity map to cover whole kernel range
  x86/setup: Fix low identity map for >= 2GB kernel range
  x86/irq: Probe for PIC presence before allocating descs for legacy IRQs
  x86/cpu: Call verify_cpu() after having entered long mode too
  x86/cpu: Fix SMAP check in PVOPS environments
  x86/fpu: Fix get_xsave_addr() behavior under virtualization
  x86/fpu: Fix 32-bit signal frame handling
  x86/mpx: Do proper get_user() when running 32-bit binaries on 64-bit kernels
  x86/mpx: Fix 32-bit address space calculation
  mac80211: Fix local deauth while associating
  mac80211: fix driver RSSI event calculations
  mac80211: allow null chandef in tracing
  mac80211: fix divide by zero when NOA update
  nl80211: Fix potential memory leak from parse_acl_data
  NFC: nci: Fix incorrect data chaining when sending data
  NFC: nci: Fix improper management of HCI return code
  NFC: nci: extract pipe value using NCI_HCP_MSG_GET_PIPE
  iwlwifi: pcie: fix (again) prepare card flow
  net: mvneta: Fix CPU_MAP registers initialisation
  net: mvneta: fix error path for building skb
  fs/proc, core/debug: Don't expose absolute kernel addresses via wchan
  clk: iproc: Fix PLL output frequency calculation
  clk: versatile-icst: fix memory leak
  mfd: twl6040: Fix deferred probe handling for clk32k
  mwifiex: fix mwifiex_rdeeprom_read()
  staging: rtl8712: Add device ID for Sitecom WLA2100
  Bluetooth: hidp: fix device disconnect on idle timeout
  Bluetooth: ath3k: Add new AR3012 0930:021c id
  Bluetooth: ath3k: Add support of AR3012 0cf3:817b device
  Bluetooth: Fix removing connection parameters when unpairing
  can: Use correct type in sizeof() in nla_put()
  can: sja1000: clear interrupts on start
  arm64: Fix compat register mappings
  arm64: page-align sections for DEBUG_RODATA
  ath10k: use station's current operating mode from assoc request
  ath10k: fix invalid NSS for 4x4 devices
  KVM: s390: SCA must not cross page boundaries
  KVM: Provide function for VCPU lookup by id
  KVM: s390: fix wrong lookup of VCPUs by array index
  KVM: s390: avoid memory overwrites on emergency signal injection
  Revert "usb: dwc3: gadget: drop unnecessary loop when cleaning up TRBs"
  usb: gadget: net2280: restore ep_cfg after defect7374 workaround
  usb: gadget: atmel_usba_udc: Expose correct device speed
  usb: dwc3: gadget: let us set lower max_speed
  usb: chipidea: otg: gadget module load and unload support
  usb: dwc3: pci: Add the Synopsys HAPS AXI Product ID
  usb: dwc3: pci: Add the PCI Product ID for Synopsys USB 3.1
  usb: dwc3: Support Synopsys USB 3.1 IP
  usb: dwc3: pci: Add platform data for Synopsys HAPS
  usb: dwc3: Add dis_enblslpm_quirk
  usb: dwc3: pci: Set enblslpm quirk for Synopsys platforms
  usb: chipidea: imx: refine clock operations to adapt for all platforms
  ALSA: usb: Add native DSD support for Aune X1S
  usb: ehci-orion: fix probe for !GENERIC_PHY
  usblp: do not set TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE before lock
  USB: qcserial: Add support for Quectel EC20 Mini PCIe module
  USB: qcserial: Fix support for HP lt4112 LTE/HSPA+ Gobi 4G Modem
  usb: musb: core: fix order of arguments to ulpi write callback
  USB: ti_usb_3410_5052: Add Honeywell HGI80 ID
  USB: serial: option: add support for Novatel MiFi USB620L
  USB: option: add XS Stick W100-2 from 4G Systems
  ALSA: usb-audio: add packet size quirk for the Medeli DD305
  ALSA: usb-audio: prevent CH345 multiport output SysEx corruption
  ALSA: usb-audio: work around CH345 input SysEx corruption
  ttyFDC: Fix build problems due to use of module_{init,exit}
  tty: audit: Fix audit source
  tty: Fix tty_send_xchar() lock order inversion
  staging/lustre: use jiffies for lp_last_query times
  xen/events: Always allocate legacy interrupts on PV guests
  KVM: s390: enable SIMD only when no VCPUs were created
  tile: fix build failure
  Linux 4.2.7

  The following patches from 4.2.7 stable release were already applied
  to the wily kernel:

  RDS: verify the underlying transport exists before creating a connection
  KVM: x86: work around infinite loop in microcode when #AC is delivered
  iwlwifi: Add new PCI IDs for the 8260 series
  xhci: Workaround to get Intel xHCI reset working more reliably

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