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[Bug 1490347] Re: [Regresision] 15:10 - Cannot pair with devices using PIN codes



1 Apple bluetooth keyboard
Ubuntu 15.10 install (64-bit) on a Dell Studio 1535
USB bluetooth adapter

The exact steps are:
Go to All Settings -> Bluetooth
Ensure Bluetooth is set to 'On' and Ubuntu device/machine 'Visibility' is 'ON'
Click the + sign to add a new bluetooth device
Turn on the bluetooth keyboard and wait for it to show up in the list of detected devices
Select from the list and choose one of the PIN options (I've tried them all).
Click Next
Text 'Connecting to...." appears

Actual outcome:
Then: "Setting up 'Jarlath Reidy's Keyboard' failed" displays with options to retry or quit. 

Expected outcome:
Device should connect and be fully operational as it did with 14.04.

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  [Regresision] 15:10 - Cannot pair with devices using PIN codes

Status in Bluez Utilities:
Status in bluez package in Ubuntu:
Status in bluez source package in Wily:

Bug description:
  Bluez 5.3 does not have support for pairing with devices (such as
  keyboards) that use a PIN code for pairing.

  A mouse pairs correctly.

  From my research it seems as if the ChromeOS project developed patches
  to fix this and they are supposed to have been included in Bluez 5.4
  (that statement dated April 2013) but I've not yet identified them.

  "The agent's implementation in bt_console/bluetoothctl upstream is
  incomplete, missing some functions like DisplayPincode."


  Along with the loss of Headset profiles meaning VoIP applications can
  no longer use HSP/HFP profiles (requiring functionality yet to land in
  Ofono) this cripples the use of Bluetooth for much else than A2DP or
  mouse input.

  Attempting to pair with, for example, an Apple Wireless Keyboard that
  pairs and works correctly with 14.04 LTS, fails totally on 15.10.

  The mouse shown below is already paired, connected, and working.

  $ bluetoothctl
  [NEW] Controller 00:1F:3A:E0:0A:AF hephaestion.lan.iam.tj [default]
  [NEW] Device 00:0A:95:4B:BD:C2 Apple Wireless Keyboard
  [NEW] Device 00:07:61:3B:86:98 Bluetooth Travel Mouse
  [bluetooth]# agent on
  Agent registered
  [bluetooth]# default-agent
  Default agent request successful
  [bluetooth]# scan on
  Discovery started
  [CHG] Controller 00:1F:3A:E0:0A:AF Discovering: yes
  [CHG] Device 00:0A:95:4B:BD:C2 LegacyPairing: yes
  [CHG] Device 00:0A:95:4B:BD:C2 RSSI: -48
  [bluetooth]# pair 00:0A:95:4B:BD:C2
  Attempting to pair with 00:0A:95:4B:BD:C2

  >>> at this point nothing is happening

  >>> so I press Enter on the keyboard and...
  [agent] PIN code: 791166
  >>> I type 791166 Enter and ...
  [agent] PIN code: 237744
  >>> I type 237744 Enter and...
  [agent] PIN code: 358866
  >>> I type 358866 Enter and...
  Request PIN code
  [agent] Enter PIN code: 1234
  >>> I type 1234 Enter on the keyboard and 1234 at the prompt...
  Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationFailed

  This cycle repeats in various permuations. Sometimes the final
  "Request PIN code" does not appear.

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