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[Bug 1552371] Re: Unexpected display on


For case 1 I always back out of emergency calls or wherever it got to and manually turn it off. 
For case 2 yes it dims and turns off.

My hypothesis was that case 1 is caused by some variant of case 2 since
it seems to be a relatively new phenomenon and I can't think of anything
else that can cause a known wakeup event.  However I have no proof of
that other than I had debug logging on and saw a lot of BT and pulse
activity when the MX4 woke up yesterday. I had moved out of range of my
connected headset.

Fix 1: I think the policy for screen management is simple, never turn the display on if proximity is detected, it should not be specific to SMS or calls.  
Fix 2: We are waking up on a headset connection not a HID.  Connecting this IMO should never turn on the display. Only HID profile devices should turn on the display.
Fix 3: I suspect other BT events are also taking the phone out of suspend and may need to be filtered

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  Unexpected display on

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Bug description:
  NOTE: kgunn suggests this bug be about 1) not 2) here

  I have been noticing my phone and tablet occasionally turning on without interaction. Several times with my phone in my pocket I found it in the emergency call UI
  I also see the tablet display turn on while lying idle on the desk.

  I have reproduced one case such that turning on a BT device (headset) causes the phone to light up and display the volume slider. Similarly turning on the BT keyboard while the tablet screen is off caused the display to turn on.These may be as intended.

  I suspect other BT events can similarly resume the device and/or turn on the display if it happens to be awake due to the 5 min polling timer.
  The proximity sensor is also not honored when this happens, if its covered the screen still comes on.

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