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[Bug 344878] Re: file name too long when creating new file (ecryptfs_lookup: lookup_one_len() returned [-36] on lower_dentry)


Interesting: encfs can deal with long filenames, but ecryptfs can't (I
know encfs is based on fuse and ecryptfs isn't). And it's very sad that
you are not thinking about non-ANSI users (mentioned by Yanpas) . Now I
constantly facing with this limitation and I constantly regretting about
migrating from encfs.

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  file name too long when creating new file (ecryptfs_lookup:
  lookup_one_len() returned [-36] on lower_dentry)

Status in eCryptfs:
  Fix Released
Status in ecryptfs-utils package in Ubuntu:
Status in linux package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in ecryptfs-utils source package in Natty:
  Won't Fix
Status in linux source package in Natty:
  Won't Fix
Status in ecryptfs-utils source package in Oneiric:
  Won't Fix
Status in linux source package in Oneiric:
  Won't Fix
Status in ecryptfs-utils source package in Precise:
Status in linux source package in Precise:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  IMPORTANT: eCryptfs can only store filenames of up to 143 characters when filename encryption is enabled. The remaining 112 characters are used for storing metadata such as the encrypted filename prefix, the signature of the filename encryption key, and an identifier for the cipher used, as well as random bytes to make /foo/file and /bar/file encrypt to different ciphertext and padding bytes to achieve proper cipher block size alignment.

  This bug is considered 'fixed' by the upstream maintainers. The
  eCryptfs kernel error message has been reduced to a debug level log
  message and eCryptfs now correctly reports its maximum supported
  filename length through the statfs() syscall. This is all that can be
  done without implementing a completely new encrypted filename design.
  A design that allows 255 character filenames without introducing other
  design limitations has not been identified and no one is currently
  working to come up with such a design.

  Please do not add comments or create new bugs saying that mv reports
  'File name too long' or that you can't create a long filename in your
  eCryptfs mounts. It is an unfortunate design limitation that cannot be
  avoided at this time.

  Please do create new bugs when an application generates filenames that are too long to be stored in an eCryptfs mount. The application may be able to use the statfs() syscall to check the filename length limits of eCryptfs. Note that this does not include something like a torrent or ftp client trying to download a file with a long filename. The application is not generating the filename in those cases, it is just downloading the file that the user told it to download.

  When trying to create a new file with a relatively long filename (f. ex. dfkmqsdgjfmqsldjfmlsqkjlqkdmfsmgjlqlskdqshgpoizehmlqkbgmlqbgmqbdfkmqsdgjfmqsldjfmlsqkjlqkdmfsmgjlqlskdqshgpoizehmlqkbgmlqbgmqbdfkmqsdgjfmqsldjfmlsqkjlqkdmfsmgjlqlskdqshgpoizehmlqkbgmlqbgmqb.txt)
  I get an error: file name to long, when in fact the file name is not to long, but the encrypted name created for this file is to long, so, the file was not created.

  this is no problem when I try to create a file, but when I'm copying a
  lot of files to my home folder I get some: filename to long error's
  and it's hard to fix (first locate the file, create shorter name, move

  so, maybe you could create a check for to long filenames?

  I'm using ext4 here...

  mv dfkmqsdgjfmqsldjfmlsqkjlqkdmfsmgjlqlskdqshgpoizehmlqkbgmlqbgmqbdfkmqsdgjfmqsldjfmlsqkjlqkdmfsmgjlqlskdqshgpoizehmlqkbgmlqbgmqbdfkmqsdgjfmqsldjfmlsqkjlqkdmfsmgjlqlskdqshgpoizehmlqkbgmlqbgmqb.txt /home/jens/
  mv: cannot stat `/home/jens/dfkmqsdgjfmqsldjfmlsqkjlqkdmfsmgjlqlskdqshgpoizehmlqkbgmlqbgmqbdfkmqsdgjfmqsldjfmlsqkjlqkdmfsmgjlqlskdqshgpoizehmlqkbgmlqbgmqbdfkmqsdgjfmqsldjfmlsqkjlqkdmfsmgjlqlskdqshgpoizehmlqkbgmlqbgmqb.txt': File name too long

    Installed: 71-0ubuntu2
    Candidate: 71-0ubuntu2
    Version table:
   *** 71-0ubuntu2 0
          500 http://be.archive.ubuntu.com jaunty/main Packages
          100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

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