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Re: [Bug 1539158] Re: Unable to pair with in-car hands-free system after OTA-9 update


Sorry about the lag.

I had a bit of an emergency this weekend, since the HDD on my home 
server (which is also my router) failed. I had to find a replacement, 
restore from backups, and reinstall the OS.

It was still running Ubuntu 10.04, and migrating to 16.04 is taking 
longer than I anticipated, since a lot has changed in 6 years (systemd 
taking most of my time), and most config files had to altered. Heck, 
even iptables rules no longer work!

You can imagine that the phone has taken a backseat for a while.

Anyway, I should have everything back up and running tomorrow (only 
openvpn, network bridging and cups left to configure) and I'll get to 
the silo afterwards. Thanks for your work and I'll be back on testing ASAP.


On 10-05-2016 07:22, Konrad Zapałowicz wrote:
> @Stunts
> I wonder if you had time and chance to test the possible fix. Let me
> know because if it works then we could include it in the upcoming OTA
> Thanks.

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  Unable to pair with in-car hands-free system after OTA-9 update

Status in Canonical System Image:
  In Progress
Status in bluez package in Ubuntu:
Status in ubuntu-system-settings package in Ubuntu:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  After OTA-9 I started having trouble with my bluetooth connection to the car hands-free system (no sound, and incoming calls no longer displayed the number), so I have reset both the car and the phone connections (eg. forgot the devices).
  Now I can't even pair the phone with the car's system. 
  The car finds the phone, and then asks me to enter the code "0000" to pair the device, but after a few moments, it just says the connection failed and asks me to try again. Which fails again.

  It was working fine just before the update.

  Any logs I should post to help debug?

  PS - The car is a 2015 Honda Civic Tourer, if that matters.

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