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[Bug 41301] Re: Mouse clicks stop working sporadically


Affects me,

It looks like mouse focus get stolen by NetBeans IDE (not only, read
further), I can use mouse only in NetBeans window and mouse can travel
around the screen fine, but no clicks working and mouse wheel too on
other applications, then I've killed NetBeans from my guake console and
mouse appeared to be working for a few seconds and then stuck with
resize cursor on the egde of guake console - since then I was able to
resize guake window nothing else ...

Very strange error. I've been working on linux for 2 years this was happenned for the first time.

Works fine after kdm restart.

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  Mouse clicks stop working sporadically

Status in X.Org X server:
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Bug description:
  This bug is a long standing one for me in Dapper but it becomes more
  and more frequent in recent Dapper beta.

  Unfortunatly, there's no way I can reproduce it.

  Symptoms : the mouse buttons (all of them) stop working without any reason. Seems to happen mainly when surfing with Epiphany but not only.

  In fact, it's just like my mouse was in another dimension. I use "focus follow pointer" and it doesn't work anymore. I can see my cursor and moving it : the system just ignore it. No more click, no more focus following pointer.

  Also, the keyboard keeps working perfectly. By using shortcut keys, I
  can continue working normally.

  The workaround to have the mouse again is hopefully very simple :  use
  the change desktop shortcut. The alt-tab shortcut is also working.
  Yes, it's strange, but they are the only two shortcuts I've found that
  bypass this bug ! Strange isn't it ?

  My mouse is a PS/2 Logitech MX310. The workaround seems to be the
  proof that it's not an hardware failure.

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