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[Bug 1234743] Re: omapfb module floods system with udev events on samsung galaxy nexus


i cut that down to http://paste.ubuntu.com/6217518/, applied it and
built a kernel ... sadly now Mir does not start at all, SurfaceFlinger
does, but is very slow and complains:

W/SurfaceFlinger(  659): Timed out waiting for hw vsync; faking it

so i guess for using this patch some changes on the userspace side to
actually use sysfs instead of uevents is required

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  omapfb module floods system with udev events on samsung galaxy nexus

Status in Upstart:
Status in “linux” package in Ubuntu:
Status in “powerd” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Playing an mp4 on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus using today's image (3 Oct
  2013) for 30 minutes I observed that init is busy and also consuming
  heap quite rapidly.

  Attached is the output from running health-check (found in PPA:colin-
  king/white) on init pid 1114.

  Key points:

  1. messages being read/written at ~600 messages a second, hence the high context switch rate and ~4.9% CPU load. 
  2. heap consumption: ~30K a second using brk() and 2K a second via mmap

  To reproduce:

  Install health-check:

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:colin-king/white
  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install health-check

  Download a large mp4 to the phone. Keep screen from blanking using:

  sudo powerd-cli display on bright &

  then play the mp4:

  dbus-launch mediaplayer-app test.mp4

  And then observe that init is busy for 300 seconds:

  ps -e | grep init
      1 ?        00:02:56 init
    348 ?        00:00:00 init
   1114 ?        00:03:22 init

  sudo health-check -p 1114 -d 300

  Attached are my results for a 30 minute run.

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