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[Bug 1246112] Re: right click causes a random left click action immediatly


All my mice have been connected via a cable and usb socket. The present
one is

onn optical mouse
stock no. M241-BLACK

I couldn't tell you the names of most mice I've worn out. I did have 2
MS Trackball Explorers (best pointing devices I've used for as long as
they last, but that isn't very long) but that was long ago and I'm not
sure if it happened with them. Their have been other mice since that it
DID happen with but I couldn't tell youthe names.

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  right click causes a random left click action immediatly

Status in “linux” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  When a right click brings up a menu in just about ANY application,
  there is a semi-random chance it will immediately semi-randomly select
  one of the choices as if it were left clicked. I suspect a mouse
  driver is at fault. It happened to me most recently with the openbox
  menu, logging me out twice in a row and rthen rebooting me the third
  time around.

  This is reported elsewhere on launchpad as a firefox 3.0 problem. It
  most emphatically is NOT limited to firefox and most emphatically IS
  current.. As in fully updated  (as of 2013 October 29) Saucy.  I
  mistakenly posted in one of those threads, and got to thinking it
  really ought to be posted under an appropriate title so the right
  people will look at it. I couldn't find anything on this that didn't
  incorrectly (assuming it is the same bug) describe it as a firefox
  bug.  So I'll paste what I posted there here, with a few edits.  If a
  mod wants to delete the other post or move this one, I have no

  Still happening after all these years. /me sighs.
  I confirm this is still happening on Saucy. I've never had any *buntu in which it didn't happen. I suspect it is a mouse driver problem. Interesting that someone also had it on xp. I suspect that may be a red herring though. It is entirely possible that a xp or other windows has a similar problem and for a similar reason. I've only experienced this on *buntus. Not on pclinuxos. Not on Sabayon. Not on Salix. That could be coincidence, but I doubt it. It isn't just firefox. I just had it on Saucy trying to use the openbox menu. 3 times in a row. Twice it logged me out and the 3rd time it rebooted.

  This a very lightweight system. Lighter than Lubuntu, lighter than
  plain LXDE. I started with the 32 bit Saucy mini.iso and added xorg,
  openbox, lightdm, lightdm-gtk-greeter, lxterminal, lxtask, firefox
  24.0, 1 lxpanel with a clock, 7 launchers (or whatever LX chaps call
  them), and a taskbar. I have the autostart (I forger which one, one of
  the ones associated with login at any rate) set NOT to start pcmanfm
  and draw a desktop. My "desktop" is merely a featureless gray, which
  I'll change to green when I get around to it. When I want to look at
  the ~/Desktop directory I do it with pcmanfm in detail view like I
  view any other directory. I tweaked appearnce by editing the theme
  files directly. In summary, it is about as light as a gui system can
  be. My cpu is an AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245 Processor and Ihave 4 gigs
  of RAM. Nothing amazing but it certainly should be adequate for the
  software in question.  Everything is fully updated.

  So, I suspect:

  1 - There is a kind of quasi-randomness to this that makes it hard to
  track down and leads people into spurious conclusions.

  2 - While it is more likely to occur when some system resource,
  probably cpu, is overstretched, it can still occur when load is quite
  low. Firefox is probably associated with this a lot because it is a
  bit of resource hog.

  3 - This is probably a *buntu issue, or just possibly, a Debian issue.
  Although I ran LMDE a while and I don't recall haveing it there. The
  fellow who has it in xp probably experienced a different bug of the
  same nature.

  3 - It is most likely a mouse driver issue. Even if it isn't, it might
  be easier to write a workaround into a mouse driver than to track the
  actual problem. Could be as simple as making a right click equivalent
  to right click and hold until a left click occurs.

  4 - If there is a competition this has my vote for "most annoying *buntu bug of all time".
  I hesitated to check the security box but I reasoned something that influences things in a way basic to all gui interfaces and can cause inadvertant choices to be made, and possibly not noticed, could quite conceivably be a security issue. For example, my most recent experience of this bug was on the openbox menu. What it I had an entry "sudo ufw disable" and had that command on the no-password list in my sudoers file? Or if it happened in settiny options options on some security related software? 
  Redundant, but since you asked:
  ~$ lsb_release -rd
  Description:	Ubuntu 13.10
  Release:	13.10
  BTW, I'm not sure how this is going to post my "name". If it seems a tad belligerent, it is because I was getting very frustrated trying to create a launchpad account, and it isn't directed at anyone here. I'll be glad to change it if someone wants me to and points out how to. Besides, it's legitimate name - my father was Korean and my mother was a command interpreter. ;)

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